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TextMaster Data Editor Overview

TextMaster is a software tool for rapid analyzes and processing of fixed length or delimited text files. Features include: checking each record for line length, relevant file dates (created, last modified and last accessed) and provides you with the relevant statistics. SQL features provided by TMQL offer very powerful way for a text file viewing and processing where every line is viewed as collection of the fields rather than one unstructured set of characters. 

The results of the processing can be logged into an unlimited number of user definable logs and/or stored in profiles for future comparison with other files of unknown origin. An input file can be sliced and diced within minutes depending upon the user’s defined criteria.

Processing of files is breathtakingly fast. For example, a data file with 1 Million lines (99 bytes per line, fixed size) is processed within one minute on Intel Pentium 3.0 with 512 KB RAM.
Majority of the Text Master functionality is divided into five groups:

File Check

Text File Export

File Split

File Join


File Check – scans every line of the specified file and determines its length, reports number of lines for each particular length and displays the line length statistics. At the end of the process, general file information is reported, as well:

File length in bytes
Date when it was created
Date when it was last time modified
Date when was the last time the file was accessed, and
Shows if file is 'read only' or not

Once the file is selected, the file type (fixed or delimited) is automatically detected but this information can be overwritten, if needed. If file is delimited, delimiter will be determined as well.


Text File Export – exports specified number of Input File Lines into the Output File.
The Output file can be overwritten or information can be added at the end of the existing file.  

Number of lines which needs to be exported, as well as the starting position within the input file (from which the export should start), is completely under the user control.

The lines can be exported in sequential order starting from user specified position.

port can be done in random order while the system by itself determines number of lines to be exported randomly, based on the parameters specified by the user.

More advanced exporting can be performed by SQL INSERT command.


File Split – function will split any file into a specified number of components. The number of components is defined either by number of lines each file should have or number of files source file should be split into.  

File split supports different encodings (for source and component files), can add header to every component file (if required) or remove it from the first component file, component naming and destination is user definable…


File Join – owing to the unique naming schema joining multiple files back into original file is just matter of selection of one of the components, if components were generated by TextMaster Split functionality. If components were generated on any other way list of the files can be easily created and rearranged. Encoding, header processing and flexible file naming is supported as well.



SQL – SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT,DELETE, TMDeDup ... commands can be performed directly on the text file.


SELECT - provides data viewing functionality where every line (row) is presented as set of fields (columns). Filtering of the lines is done on the field level as well.


UPDATE - every field in every row can be updated with a fix value or value composed out other fields or part(s) of the other fields. Selection of the lines (filtering) to be updated, if required, is accomplished by defining criteria on the filed level.


INSERT - allows insert of the single line at the end of the file or insertion of the lines from another file by retrieving lines from the another file with SELECT command.


DELETE - removes lines based on on field(s) value and/or part(s) of the field values.


TMDeDup - removes duplicated rows based on field(s) value and/or part(s) of the field values.


TMHSplit - performs file split horizontally based on field(s) value and/or part(s) of the field values.


TMKeep - removes unwanted columns, group columns into new column, change length of the field(s) for fix file format, reformat field(s) values, add new fields, reorganize fields …


TMVJoin - converts group(s) of several lines in one file into line(s) in another file. Performs vertical join.

TMFile - performs Windows Explorer file related functionality (copy, move, rename …) as well as file split (number of line number or number of files are provided along with other parameters) and file join.  

TextMaster provides wizards for query generation and editing capabilities for exiting query modifications.


SQL features are provided by TMQL.





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