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Frequently Asked Questions:

TMQL - what is that?

TMQL is an SQL like query language which combines the simplicity and power of SQL with the unique characteristics of a text file and flexibility of regular expressions, into one powerful language designed to manipulate fixed size text files or delimited text files. For a query to be executed, Text Master first requires a connection to be created for a specific file and a query to be built. Read more...


Connection - what is that?

Connection stores information about text file (such as file name, file type, fields structure etc.) into separate file with “tmc” extension. Once created it can be used as part of the TMQL (SQL like query language) queries to:

SELECT – view data;

UPDATE – change values of the individual fields;

INSERT – insert single line or selected number of rows from another file;

DELETE - specified number of lines from the file.


What is a difference between log and profile?

Logging records date and time of the file check along with the main characteristic of the file processed (file type, length,  number of fields etc.).

Profile contains general characteristics of the file (file type, delimiter if any, minimum size etc.) which can be partially derived from file check and later can be used as base for comparison with file processed in order to point to the origin of the file .


Can I concatenate two files?

Yes, two files can be concatenated using Export feature combined with Append radio button selection.


Can I record what I am doing?

Yes, you should have at least one log registered.  Once file is checked  use “Add to log” toolbar button to save information into the selected log.


Can I "fix" lines with incorrect size?

Yes, export to the new file all "good" lines. Using export function isolate (export to another file) deficient  lines. Using NotePad or equivalent software modify wrong records. Once file is "fixed" concatenate two files.


Why do I need TextMaster?

If you have a large data file there is no other way to work with it but use TextMaster software. Read more...


Is there a Quick Start with TextMaster?

Yes. Please go to TextMaster Quick Start page.





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