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"TextMaster enabled me to develop a Microsoft ACCESS application that uses the data from a 2.8 gig text file (unzipped) of over 16,000,000 records. ACCESS has a 2 gig (unzipped) application file limit. Using Windows I unzipped the file and used TextMaster to split it into text 3 files. It took approx 5 minutes on my PC to do the split. I then converted the three text files into three ACCESS Database application table only files of less than 2 gigs each – no glitches!! I linked the three tables to a single ACCESS Database application file and addressed all 16,000,000 records from that application file.
I earlier used TextMaster to split a 100,000 record CSV file of email addresses to facilitate loading them into my Outlook addressbook.
Feel free to use my recommendation. I know how it feels to have a creation appreciated and yours is! It enables me to do some big tasks with my limited resources. Thank you!! Great program!!"

Bill – California, USA

"The speed is amazing, and the fact that it actually recognizes records correctly instead of programs like HJSplit means that we don't lose information on the import. All in all, a nice program.
It really lives up to its name."

Corbus – South Africa, Africa

"I get large(3GB and greater) text files that must be imported into SQL, normalizing them into tables and related tables. It’s much easier to import 500,000 lines instead of 16 million.
I did a search on Google for a text file splitter, tried a few of the other ones and decided yours was the simplest and easiest while fitting my needs."

Scott – Alabama, USA

"This whole exercise started from the point where excel 2003 has the limit of 65536 row, hence I was unable to import larger csv files generated on my solaris & tru64 unix platform. Of course you can do the splitting on the unix side, but since the entire post processing is via excel I would prefer to be able to split the csv files on my PC. Actually the csv file in this case is simply a log of all alarms from Tellabs 6300 UNIX platform (one line per alarm), and the number of alarms can easily go beyond 65536.
TMSJ is clearly the best one I have been able to find (esp. performance is excellent)."

Peter – Denmark, Europe

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